Jewel Concept

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09:00 am - 08:00 pm
7 days a week

In 2005 'Motyle' (Butterflies) jewellery company was established by Daria and Patryk Byczkowski here, in Sopot. They have achieved success and won many prestigious awards in jewellery industry in Poland and abroad. Collections of this charming and enigmatic brand include unique items made with a great concern for details. Natural materials such as silver, amber, pearls, turquoise, amethyst and crystals are used for the full line of products. Flora and fauna, architecture, fashion and human life are their never endless inspirations and energy of the Motyle collection. Moving away from the idea of traditional jewellery manufacture, allows for the full expression which joins the rawness of natural materials and multi-coloured beauty. Motyle collections are a journey in itself, they were created to capture and retain the moments of real emotions. Their hidden meanings awaken imagination and remind us of the mystery of our existence. Come and see!

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