KolejNa Kolejka
 ul. Dworcowa 7, Sopot Centrum
+48 536 322 622

Godziny otwarcia:
Pon-czw 14-3
PT 14-5
Sob 12-5
Niedz 12-3
Hey! Recently, I have aroused big interest among the inhabitants of Sopot and not only them...
Make yourself comfortable and I will tell you something about myself
I am a new place on the map of Sopot. What is my goal? Fun until dawn!
I am situated right next to the PKP railway station in Sopot. Close enough that you can see trains leaving the station through one of the windows. There is no chance that you will be late for your SKM! I have different faces that change as fast as the train timetables. I consist of two separate floors. At the bottom you will find an original shot spot. It's a great place to have a drink with your friends, to chill out and relax after an all-night Sopot party. If you are hungry, then here you can eat whatever you want. I assure you that it will not be a cold down. I serve great appetizers! On the upper floor there is a stage where you can not only dance to the best music, but also sing or tell each other jokes. You can not get bored with me! I would like to be your first and last station in Sopot!