First day of the Summer in Sopot Centrum!
In  21st June we celebrated First Day of Summer! On this occasion, Sopot Centrum prepared a gift for you - beach balls, which were distributed to our guests. Hope it will help them to enjoy a long summer days.
Mother's Day in Sopot Center
Have you memorized the moments with Mom that you want to boast? Would you like to invite your Mom to dinner at one of the original restaurants of Sopot Center? Please share your photo with us on Facebook and we will award the 3 most interesting photos for us, 50, 100 and 150 PLN vouchers for use in selected Sopot Centrum restaurant. We are waiting for pictures until 10.00 am on Friday 27.05.2017. Let's celebrate Mother's Day together! Contest Rules.
Bollywood in Sopot Center
On Monday, 22 May, Sopot Center has become a shooting plan for the latest Bollywood feature film "#Vijay 61". In this main room became the canvas for the directors, 1st floor chraterery. Indian cinemas such as Kajal Aggarwal and Joseph Vijay were featured in the recordings. Looking forward to the movie!
Changes at parking Sopot Center
From 12 May 2017 are changed provisions relating to free parking. Free parking will be available for 30 minutes, and the cost of the next hour will be 4 zlotys per hour. Other fees remain unchanged. We also remind you that there are dedicated parking spaces in Sopot Centrum for taxi drivers, who divert passengers to the railway station.
Baker's Day in Sopot Center
In the Sopot Center we celebrate the small and great feasts. On Thursday, May 4, we celebrated the day of those who works at night, so that we could enjoy the aroma of freshly baked bread and the taste of crusty bread. On this occasion LaBagatella and Bakery Szydłowski prepared refreshments for passers-by Sopot Centrum. It was delicious!
European Day Breakfast - Competition
As everyone knows, breakfast is the most important meal of the day and we do not have the slightest doubt about it. All Europeans knows about it. For Italians, morning without espresso and cornetto is unthinkable, in turn the Frenchman starts their day with a croissant with a jam. And how do the inhabitants of the Tri-City greet every new day? In order to satisfy our curiosity we announce a European Breakfast Day contest for you. For winners we have vouchers to Fanaberia Creperies worth 60, 40 and 20 PLN. We want to see what meals are the first and most important for you! 
Street Artists Casting!
 Do you like to give performances, attract attention and excite people? Do you want to become part of an incredible artistic and unforgettable  atmosphere ? If you answered yes to the above questions, together with Sopot Centrum we're inviting you to create a new music and performance center of the city !
 We are looking for artisans, fireshow performers, mimes, street theaters, dancers, musicians and bands playing music without a sound system. 
We would like to vitalize the city and hear the music in the nearest tourist season.
 Send us a private message with a information  and a video of you.  We are waiting for  you’re applications to the end of June! Do not waste your time!
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Prima Aprilis Contest

Prima Aprilis Competition!
If u want to win a restaurant voucher in Sopot Centrum you will post an idea with your own original joke, which you can  make to your friends. U can also add an interesting photo.
For your answers we wait from 28.03.2017 to 02.04.2017, 23.59 . .
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Welcome Spring!
Outside the window is 10 degrees above zero. We are celebrate the beginning of the spring in our unique style :)
Spring means colors and fruits, so on the next Sunday from 11:00 to 13:00, near of the Bohaterów Monte Cassino street, the hostess's will be driveway the sweetest apples in the Tri-City!
You can also look for hostesses, with Whiskey on the Rocks balloons.
Every single leaflet = free Jar in the real American Restaurant.
See you later :)

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Group 4 exhibition
 On February 24 at 8 pm in Sopot, Group 4 wil
l be presented. The main members of the group are:
- Waldemar Jarosz
- Milena Szczepańska-Zakrzewska
- Elżbieta Stankiewicz
Each of us is painting differently, but we are united in our goal of creative exploration, although we achieve this in different ways. We decided to present the results of these findings.
The fourth member of the group is a different creator each year. We invite artists who are definitely different from us from - friends  from Koszalin. This year we invited an artist from Sopot - Magdalena Jankowska.
You Are Welcome!
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International Women's Day
Welcome 08.03 from 16:00-17:00 to the main hall of our facility. Handsome Łukasz and Michał Kolenda from Trefl Sopot will be waiting for you with bouquets of tulips and vouchers for the March and April matches of the basketball team. Can you imagine something better?
Flowers + athletes = perfect combination. See you later!
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Sopot Centrum movie
For those who know us and have not yet had a chance, we invite on YouTube channel. We are convinced that prepared video will appeal not only Tri-City residents, but travelers and tourists from other cities:
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Collaboration with Atom Trefl Sopot
We invite you to the competition organized on the profile fan page Sopot Centrum!
To win 5 double invitations to the game (26.02) women's team Atom Trefl Sopot.
Answer to the question: "Why do You love sport?!" We will choose five lucky author of the most interesting posts :)
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Parking space
Notice about the closure of the Underground Car Park in Dworcowa Street and the ground car park in Kolejowa Street from March 1, 2017.  
Baltic Investment Group SA is pleased to announce that as of March 1, 2017
Fight Parking (Dworcowa street) and surface parking ( Kolejowa Street belonging to the Investment of Sopot Centrum) will be closed for free parking.
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Velentine's Day
Are you ready for Valentine’s Day ?
Valentine's Day contest "Romantic with Sopot Centrum"
We invite You to romantic play on Sopot Centrum Facebook profile.
The first prize is a cruise to Karlskrona funded by Stena Line Polska. The second prize is a romantic dinner in a Greek tavern- Lukullus for you and your partner, sponsored by Itaka Sopot Centrum.
Contest regulation:
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New Tenants in 2017
Among the Tenants who are planning their opening in 2017 are: Tiger Gym, KFC, Renew Institute, Komnaty Nieruchomości and the LST. More about preparing changes and degree of commercialization in Sopot Centrum in Eurobuild CEE:
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2016 Year in Sopot Centrum
We are pleased to invite You to a presentation summarizing 2016 Year in Sopot Centrum. There are images of opened restaurants and cafes, we recall events and mention of the awards we have received. We highly welcome!
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Sopot Centrum supports WOŚP
Next Sunday Sopot Centrum supports 25. Finale of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity. Thanks to the cafe LaBagatela for preparation hot drinks and meals for volunteers, they can hand in hearts from early morning until 21:00. We invite you to participate in the fund-raiser at the Sopot Centrum!
Happy New Year!
Common countdown, fun and fireworks ... It’s a moment when we say goodbye to Year 2016.
On the occasion of the coming New Year, we wish you prosperity and courage to implement the plans. Let 2017 will provide you with what you truly desire, after all, with the appropriate degree of determination everybody can make every dreams come true!
Sopot Centrum whish You great carnival party, see you in 2017 :)

Parking in the Kolejowa Street
Baltic Investment Group announces that parking  on Kolejowa Street, located at the exit of Sopot Centrum towards Niepodległości Street, is available to customers who wish to buy parking subscription. All interested persons are welcome to contact:, +48587854918
New Year's Eve in Sopot Centrum!
Soon, we will welcome the New Year :). For all, who don’t have plans yet, and dream about spending unique New Year's party, we gathered all parties proposal in restaurant: Sphinx Sopot, All Gaweł Cantine Bar Cafe, Whiskey on the Rocks or Seafood Station Restaurant, Bar & Grill. Let's celebrate! More information...
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Merry Christmas!
In this maagic Christmas time, we wish you that every moment was spent with the family, joyful atmosphere full of reflection, and the New Year has brought optimism and cheerfulness.
A truly merry Christmas wishes from Sopot Centrum!
Sopot Centrum Sopot Best Investment 2015
Today's session of the City Council of Sopot started the awards ceremony the Chairman of the Council for the best Sopot investment of 2015. The Jury consisted of the city authorities, architects and urban planners.
The greatest number of votes and award the President of the Sopot City Council for the best investment of the Year 2015 has received Sopot Centrum investment.
Our facility was recognized for its comprehensive and fresh approach to the topic of public space in a prestigious place of the city center, by changing the function of degraded areas of railway station and create attractive form of urban streets which is an extension of Monte Cassino Street, enriched with spatial effects of modern, cost-effective architecture.
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Advent and Christmas music Festival
We are pleased to invite you to participate in a unique celebration of Advent and Christmas music Festival that rang throughout the illuminated lights beautiful city of Sopot! Tomorrow one of the first stops of the International Music Festival of Advent and Christmas MUNDUS CANTAT SOPOT will be in Sopot Centrum and Sopoteka:
17.00 Concert Festival - Sopot Center, Tadeusz Kosciuszko 14, Sopot
Mixed choir OSM I and II st the H. Wieniawski in Łódź
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Charity ingathering
Next Sunday from 11:00 -18:00 Sopot Centrum suport to the Foundation Hospice for Children Pomerania in charity ingathering.
Volunteers IDs action will give out handmade angels fortunately for all donors. This is a great opportunity to be in this special pre-Christmas time support to those who need it most. Exceptional angels can be a Christmas gift...
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Sopot Centrum in Jessica Project
JESSICA is an abbreviation of the English name of the Joint European Suport for Sustainable Investment in City Areas.
Are you interested in the development of the Tri-City? More about Sopot Centrum in the summary of the project JESSICA on pages 8 -10:
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"W ramach Sopotu" Festival
" W ramach Sopotu" Festival" is a celebration of photography at the highest level. It is a joint initiative of the City of Sopot and the Academy of Fine Arts and the National Gallery of Art. On 16-23.12 opening and author meetings will also take place in Sopot Centrum and Sopoteka ...
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Szlachetna Paczka Final
At the weekend there was a beautiful Szlachetna Paczka final. Employees Sopot Center, and customers and employees Delicatessen Mrozińscy contributed to the infusion of hope for a beautiful feast for family from Gdansk. Together we have created a package consisting of 10 cartons, and in their quilts, bed sheets, toys, cosmetics, cleaning products, clothing, food and special gifts! Thank You!
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The awards drawing contest
Today Sopoteka held a presentation of awards to young artists who participated in the drawing competition "Day of characters from cartoons." :) Works were beautifull, the choice was not easy, and the amount of nearly 100 drawings did not allow their full exposure. On behalf of the Sopot Centrum, Sopoteka, Sphinx and mBank Poland congratulate the winners and their parents talent and enthusiasm for creative work ;).
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Christmas Contest
Christmas Contest! 
Do yourself and your friends a present! Make on Facebook Christmas wishes of a loved one, a friend or a team and win a voucher for one of the 16 restaurants in Sopot Centrum! Sponsors of the awards are:
I prize - Sphinx Sopot (voucher 100 pln)
II prize - Limonka (voucher 75 pln)
III prize - Pociąg do (voucher 50 pln)
For „Lucky Looserowi” place behind the podium voucher worth 25 pln sweetens Bakery - Confectionery Szydłowski :)
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Charity in Sopot Centrum
„Szlachetna Paczka” is a project in which the needy are joined with donors. In this year Sopot Centrum, Delicatessen Mrozińscy and friends, organize the charity collection of basic necessities for 4 person family of Tri-City. From 01.12 - 10.12 in the delicatessen at the entrance of the prepared baskets can be shared: Food, Cleaners and School supplies
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Drawing cartoon competition
The success of the drawing competition Sopot Centrum, Sopoteka, Restaurant Sphinx and mBank! We were very pleased to be able to experience the great talent of young Sopot inhabitants. Selection of winners wasn’t easy, but some work especially delighted commission! We invite you  at days 01.12-08.12 on Sopoteka on a post-competition exhibition -selected works will be presented on 6 easels, and the reception ceremony will take place 08.12 at 16:00. We invite you carers with young artists! The winners are...
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Nowa aktualność
„Andrzejki” is a time of divination and cheerful fun, so for visitors, Sopot Centrum prepared sweet fortune cookies. Seek next Wednesday in hours 16-18 in Sopot Centrum of our hostess Carolina, and maybe for yourself you will find in cookies interesting divination. To sweet match tastes coffee, so coffee with the leaflet, all interested in the offer summer you invite representatives of the Travel Agnecy Itaka.
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free Magazine "Recipe for Sopot"
Today in Sopot Center and the surrounding area will be distributed free Magazine "Recipe for Sopot".
Magazine is divided thematically: from urban information, through education, cultural and sports events, security and others.
Distribution deal with a person with a "second chance" and the youth being under the tutelage of Sopot Caritas. In this way they earn for their trips and holiday camps. Magazine will be distributed every 3-4 weeks. Keep your eyes open, welcome!
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Ingathering new Teddy Bears
25th November is a International Teddy Bear Day. Sopot Centrum and Delicatessen Mrozińscy announce St. Nicholas’Day ingathering new teddy bears for Children Foundation Hospice Pomerania. Collection in delicatessens and Pociąg do will take place from 23.11-01.12. In addition, the Teddy Bears brought into the center of mobile phones Monument (, you will receive a 10% discount on telephone equipment (excluding service and telephones) ...
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Parking in the Kolejowa Street
Baltic Investment Group announces that parking  on Kolejowa Street, located at the exit of Sopot Centrum towards Niepodległości Street, is available to customers who wish to buy parking subscription. All interested persons are welcome to contact:, +48587854918
Cartoons drawing competition

Sopot Centrum, Sphinx Restaurants, mBank and Sopoteka invite to family fun "Day of characters from cartoons - drawing competition in Sopot Centrum." November 5 is celebrated the International Day of cartoons characters, which was the inspiration for us to create a drawing competition. We invite you to show your kids talent, creativity and imagination. The works of favorite fairy tales, cartoons and comics can be made in any form: a sketch, drawing or the painting. We are waiting for drawings to 26 November in Sopoteka. You can win vouchers to the restaurant Sphinx and wireless headphones, founded by mBank. To all participants, there is a nice gift: a set of colored pencils to draw. More information on the rules:

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Movember Poland in Sopot Centrum
Next Sunday (30.10) from 9:00 am - 9:00 pm will visit us Movember Poland. Barber, education, rest and doctor's zone You will find in a specially prepared for this place- between LaBagatela bakery and Jerusalem Kebab in the main hall of the Sopot Centrum. Movember is an international charity event aimed at increasing awareness of men and women about male cancers and raise money for research on their treatment.
We invite you gentlemen and ladies to take care of health.
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Halloween in Sopot Centrum
Premises in Sopot Centum prepared for its customers many attractions and beautiful Halloween scenery :). In Delikatesy Mrozińscy You can buy pumpkin, in Rossmann Halloween costumes for kids. Tarttoria welcome You with hot wine and special pumpkin menu. In Whiskey on the Rocks You can drink special pumpkin Jars in Pociąg do coffee with pumpkin seeds. FIT and GREEN Sopot introduced loyality card. Weekend in Sopot Centrum promises to be interesting because of events: Limonka: i Whiskey on the Rocks
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The award ceremony at the I Pomorskie Sopot Youth Biennale 2016
Today in Sopot Centrum was presentation of awards and distinctions, and inauguration of the first post-competition exhibition - I Pomorskie Sopot Youth Biennale 2016. Congratulations to all the winners and artist. We invite you to visit the exhibition, which until November 6 is waiting for all the guests of Sopot Centrum on the 1st floor. We assure you that it is worth it.
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Tiger Fitness Gym - 2017 in Sopot Center
A treat for lovers of sports and care for the health and condition. In the first half of 2017, the premises located in the Sopot Centrum will join a Tiger Gym. Gym will be built in the premises with an area of ​​1.1 thousand. sqm. and will be located on two levels - at the 0 and 1 floor of building C. More information:
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Sopot Centrum highlighted in the Tri-City Wings
 We are pleased to announce that Sopot Centrum take place on the podium in plebiscite Wings of Tri-City, organized by the In the category  „Solid of Tri-City”, we took third place, while the second was close. Thanks the organizer for the nomination, and for your involvement and voices put on our facility. Together we are building a new center of Sopot!
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Art in Sopot Centrum
In the days 09.10 - 06.11.2016 Gdansk District Association of Polish Artists and Designers, RECOMMENDS and offers a unique post-competition exhibition, consisting of approx. 100 works (paintings, graphics, sculpture), 62 young Polish artists, initiated the first project: „I Pomorskie Sopot Youth Biennale 2016”.
Unique "hanging" exhibition will be available daily from. 9:00 - 21:00 at the Sopot Center Street. Kosciuszko 14 at the level of "0" and "1" in object.
Artwork will be exhibited in Sopoteka level "+1".
We highly welcome!
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Man day in Sopot Center
Day Boy with girls form Atom Trefl Sopot and mBank Poland!
Already a day earlier than fall day all the men, precisely on September 29, with a special highlight of the festival will make sure athletes Atom Trefl Sopot. Every boy who on Thursday between 17:30 and 19:00 will appear in the Sopot Centrum, has a chance to be invited to the volleyball match !!!!
The other attractions of the day prepared mBank, seek 14:00 - 18:00 advisors mBank. For opening any account, mBank has prepared a gift - wireless headphones. This is a great opportunity to make a gift yourself or your loved one...
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Wings of Tri-City, Vote for Sopot Centrum
Every two years, a choice of readers is awarded the prestigious prize "Wings of Tri-City." The award goes to institutions and initiatives that are changing the face of the Tri-City by making its positive image. The idea of ​​the prize involves the promotion of events, projects and people that make the Tri-City live better, work more interesting and rests fully.
Sopot Centrum has been nominated in the category "Solid Tri-City - design public buildings formed around the railway station grounds in Sopot. In addition to creating a friendly, cultural space and fashionable entertainment." We encourage You to vote for Sopot Centrum to 5th October. Click a link below:
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International Day of Beauty in Sopot Centrum
Celebrate International Day of Beauty! September 9 at 11:00 am - 17:00 pm Sopot Centrum in collaboration with beauty salon Balola invites all Ladies for FREE STYLISTS CONSULTATION to a specially prepared position at -1 Sopot Centrum. Make-up artist will conduct a preliminary analysis of the color palette and tell how to care and prepare skin for makeup (morning and evening care of the make-up removal ). You will know the following application techniques of cosmetics - corrector, foundation, powder, blush ...
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With Cartoons to school
At this Thursday 01.09 we are equipped with colorful gadgets from your favorite cartoons! Stickers and pencils Angry Birds, Star Wars, Spiderman, Hot Wheels, Animal Planet, My Little Pony, I love horses and Barbie will wait for you in the 11:00 am-13:00 pm. Search for our hostesses in Sopot Centrum! All parents, children and youth, we wish you a successful start of the 2016/2017 school year :)
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Promotion coupons
Treat for promotion hunting :). This weekend, the inhabitants of Sopot and Gdansk adjacent neighborhoods can found in boxes of leaflets describing all the premises in the Sopot Centrum. Leaflets were accompanied by promotional coupons to use on the premises: Itaka Sopot CentrumFIT and GREEN SopotCały Gaweł Cantine Bar CafeKebab JerusalemHashi Sushi , LimonkaSphinx RestauracjeLaBagatelaDelikatesy Mrozińscy, monument9, Pociąg doWokiWalkieWhiskey on the Rocks. Terms for download: 
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Eat Slowly in Sopot Centrum
Past weekend we celebrated a Spanish fiesta at the festival Streets of Spain, today Project Eat slowly will visit Sopot Centrum. Eat slowly creates fashion for the experience of dining in the idea of slow food. Taste Enjoy traditional cuisine from local suppliers and spending time outdoors with family and friends!
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Tymbark Tour in Sopot Centrum
On Tuesday 16.08 with YouTubers: Zuzanna Borucka, JDabrowsky and skkf will visit Sopot! Start at 12:00! Drop by the selfie and autographs!

In the zone Tymbark will be waiting:
- hundreds of different awards, including cult Tymbark pillows
- Twister game
- Escape room in green bus
- GIF shelter
- Jump on the juice - check what’s what ;)
- Quizzes, puzzles and many others!
You can’t miss it! See You in Sopot Centrum!
The relationship live on the snap: @tymbarkpolska
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Streets of Spain in Sopot Centrum
Hola! Enjoy a full of life and color of days in which you will be able to experience the Spanish culture in various guises: art, dance, wine, food and optimism.
The event is open and free of charge (except stands where you can purchase food products or exhibitors). You are very welcome: 13, 14 August 12 pm - 10 pm
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"My Sopot Centrum" - competition results
Last week, we started witth competition "My Sopot Center" where you present different aspects of Sopot Centrum. The jury was unanimous - the results of 1, 2, 3 and place behind the podium were very similar. After discussion and vote of the representatives Sopot Centrum and main prizes Sponsors Limonka, Whiskey on the Rocks, and Hashi Sushi, emerged three winners. The winner of competition is Mr J. Ługowski photo, II was Mr. M. Marszałkowicz, III Mr. G. Marszałkowicz. Congratulations to the winners, we will contact to pick up vouchers soon. Thank all of you for participating in the competition, Check out the gallery:
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Bubble Festival in Sopot Centrum
Soon National Bubble Festival once again will commence a tour of the country. From the Tatra Mountains to the Baltic Sea will fill the air shimmering balls, bringing with it joy and fun. The next event start on Saturday 06.08 at 13:00 in Sopot Centrum! During the festival await to you competitions, animations, zone of free liquid to the huge soap bubbles and demonstration zone! Would you like to feel like a child and free for a moment?! It's very easy! :) Just arrive in a magical place, bring your equipment to soap bubbles and start playing and having fun. See you there !
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My Sopot Centrum - photo contest
"My Sopot Centrum" - Photo Contest with prizes in Sopot Centrum!
We want to see how you spend the summer in the Sopot Centrum.
The most creative photos of facility, life, and you or your friends in Sopot Centrum will be rewarded with vouchers for the amount of PLN 100 each! How to take part in the competition?

1. Take on 04 - 08.08 picture facility Sopot Centrum
2. Send them to:
3. Receive awards for the most creative photography

To win there are vouchers to the restaurants: Limonka, Whiskey on The Rocks, Hashi Sushi. More details on the Facebook: Sopot Centrum.Terms of competition for download below:
We invite you to have fun ! :)

Terms of competition.
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Music in Sopot Centrum

Unique surprise for passers in Sopot Centrum! Polish Chamber Philharmonic Sopot present in an interesting flash art to celebrate the upcoming inauguration of the Sixth International Music Festival Sopot Energa Classic. Look out for musicians PFK Sopot today, 2.08 and 4.08 on Thursday, about 4 pm in Sopot Centrum! We highly welcome!
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Bicycle racks in Sopot Centrum
From today you don't have to worry about bikes. Sopot Centrum is the happy owner of 12 bicycle racks. You can find them at the entrance to Sopot Centrum of the roundabout Tadeusz Kościuszko Street in front of the premises mBank. We invite all lovers of the two wheels to take adventage of the bicycle parking.
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Summer is complete. In the Sopot Centrum we have benches now, and the area around it is surrounded by lush greenery. We would like you to join us in your first summer in Sopot Centrum. Therefore, in cooperation with FIT and GREEN Sopot, Cały Gaweł Cantine Bar Cafe and Limonka prepared a special promotion ! Show us your summer photos in Sopot Centrum. 3 quick steps are enough to catch on - 10 % for summer menu ...
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The final of pet food collection for Ciapkowo
The final of pet food collection for Ciapkowo
For the past week, in cooperation with Mrozinski Delicatessen, we have been collecting pet food for homeless four-legged friends. Today, the representatives of Sopot Centrum gave this pet food to extremely grateful staff of OTOZ Animals – Schronisko "Ciapkowo" in Gdynia. Even a tiny gesture or a gift for abandoned animals is worth its weight in gold. We take this opportunity to thank warmly all those who joined the campaign. Special thanks go to Mrozinski Delicatessen for their dedication and logistical support. It is worthwhile to help! Thank you!
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Sopot Centrum is pet friendly
We would like to officially announce that the hall of Sopot Centrum is open and pet friendly space. From the beginning of June you can spot the pictograms on the windscreens of Sopot Centrum, allowing the entrance with dogs. Additionally, pet owners are especially invited and warmly welcomed in:
Pociąg do
FIT and GREEN Sopot
Whiskey on the Rocks
Hashi Sushi 
Cały Gaweł Cantine Bar Cafe
Bagażownia Restauracja Zynera
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Mini Euro in Sopot Centrum

Mini Euro with travel agency Itaka still continues!

Itaka Sopot Centrum in cooperation with mBank Polska are pleased to invite you to take part in games and competitions organised on the occasion of EURO 2016. Join the fun with your whole family and friends! We invite you every day (except on 3/07) till 10/07 Euro 2016 Final day, between 15:00 and 18:00.

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Pet food collection in Sopot Centrum

We are preparing for the International Dog’s Day, therefore the Sopot Centrum and Mroziński Delicatessen organises the collection of pet food for dogs and cats. Collection will last from 24/07 to 1/07 and pet food will go to the Shelter for Homeless Animals - OTOZ Animals - Schronisko "Ciapkowo" in Gdynia.

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Sopot Centrum as a Slow Fest Sopot partner

Sopot Centrum is a partner of the 4th Edition of the Slow Fest Sopot – the greatest culinary event in this part of Europe. We are pleased to invite you for the weekend of food delight. 25-26 June around the table at Sopot pier will sit the best master chefs, culinary celebrities, members of Slow Food International and Slow Food Polska, artists, culinary bloggers and young cooking enthusiasts…

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Art Workshops on Father’s Day in Sopot Centrum

Are you looking for an inspiration for Father’s Day surprise?

We invite you to Sopot Centrum to create together with your child a greeting card on Father’s Day! This Sunday 19/05, from11:00 to 14:00 take place art workshops for all kids in the main hall of Sopot Centrum.

Under the eye of child supervisors from School and Nursery Lokomotywa you will have a chance to create the little masterpieces - unique greeting cards!

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Sopot placed on the podium in the ranking of economic development

Another ranking confirms that Sopot is a friendly city for its residents and entrepreneurs developing their business. Sopot city received the highest score in terms of economic development in Poland. All who are interested in locating their business in the best location in the awarded city are invited to take a look at our rental offer of office space, shops and restaurant areas. Sopot Centrum is a well-connected building facility, friendly for entrepreneurs and employees.

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Children’s Day in Sopot Centrum

Children’s Day celebration is coming!  We invite whole families to visit the Sopot Centrum at that time!

This Wednesday from 14:00 to 18: 00 on the pedestrianised walkway at Dworcowa 7 Street, waits for your kids a child animator who will have a pleasure from playing and looking after them. Sopot will become full of colours as children will have a chance to paint their faces as animals and fairy tale characters. Different attractions also organises travel agency Itaka, whereas Świat Książki Bookshop offers discount on children’s literature.

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Sopot Centrum as the Top Municipal Investment 2016

We are pleased to announce that the Sopot Centrum won the Top Municipal Investment 2016 award.

This award is handed to the most important investment projects in Poland. The award ceremony took place during VII European Economic Congress on 18-20 May in Katowice. Top Municipal Investment 2016 aims to present the best practices and business success achievements based on the pro-development and courageous decisions affecting our economy, regions and inhabitants of all country.

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Greeting cards for Mother’s Day in Sopot Centrum!

We invite you to Sopot Centrum to create together with your child a greeting card for Mummy on Mother’s Day! This Sunday 22/05, from 10:00 to 14:00 takes place art workshops for kids in the main hall of Sopot Centrum!

Four trained child supervisors from Miniteka in Sopot – a branch of Public Library and Kindergarten no. 5 at J.J. Haffner 72 Street, will provide creative fun activities. Tissue paper, sheets and decorative papers, glue, tapes, scissors, crayons and multicolour pens awaits the little artists. Come and see what will happen! A hand-made greeting card will be much more appreciated by mom than a card purchased in a shop.

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Musical Event "Z kolei chór" starts in Sopot Centrum!

Do you enjoy musical events?

We invite you for the singing beginning of the weekend! This Saturday takes place the Flash Mob ‘Z kolei chór’ in Tricity. Combined forces of four choirs, including the leader of the event: Festival Choir – MUNDUS CANTAT of the SSW University from Sopot. Choirs will sing Polish hits in different Tricity spots to put smile on travellers’ faces. First stop of the choir on that day is Sopot Centrum. You will have a chance to see them in the main hall at 11:00 a.m.

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International Dance Day in Sopot Centrum

In Sopot Centrum, we are going to start the ‘May Weekend’ with the INTERNATIONAL DANCE DAY! We hope that this event will put you in a good mood for the next few days ;)

Sopot Centrum in cooperation with SoSalsa - Solidarity of Salsa and Gabi Dance Centre from Gdansk have organized numerous dance attractions.

Event photo relation:

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Lotos Trefl Gdansk hands out the match tickets in Sopot Centrum!

We invite you to visit Sopot Centrum on following Monday! Between 15:00 and 17:00 look for the yellow-and-black balloons, and hostesses who will hand out tickets for the match of LOTOS Trefl Gdansk and PGE Skra Belchatow fighting for the bronze medal. The match is on Tuesday 26.04 at 18.00 in Ergo Arena. Please feel invited!

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Fields of Hope in Sopot Centrum

We encourage you to support the Sunday fundraising for the Pomeranian hospices. We understand the importance and see the need to support all social initiatives, therefore money will be also raised in Sopot Centrum.

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Sopot Centrum is nominated for the Top Municipal Investments 2016 award.

Sopot Centrum is nominated for the Top Municipal Investments 2016 award.
We kindly invite you to vote for Sopot Centrum:)…/rewitalizacja-dworca-pkp-…

Investment: Reconstruction of the railway station in Sopot and urban regeneration around it, was among 30 projects nominated for the title of the Top Municipal Investments 2016. For the fifth time, you can vote for projects that deserve to be called the Top Municipal Investment. This competition is organized by Portalsamorzą and PTWP Group, the organizer of the European Economic Congress (EEC) in Katowice.

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Chocolate Day in Sopot Centrum

Fat Thursday is already long forgotten, but INTERNATIONAL CHOCLETE DAY is coming tomorrow and is celebrated throughout the world. To experience this day full of enjoyment, we invite all chocolate lovers to Sopot Centrum, between 15:00 and 18:00 as our hostesses will hand out tasting chocolate treats.

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Half Price Weekend in Sopot Centrum!

Half Price Weekend in Sopot tomorrow! We invite you to the Sopot Centrum to Pociąg do, FIT and GREEN Sopot, LaBagatela, Bakery and Confectionery Szydłowski to try the special menu prepared for this occasion.

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Ester in Sopot Centrum

Ester is approaching with great strides! For all those who would like to see on their tables fresh and healthy products prepared by local producers, the Sopot Centrum organises an Easter market, where you will have an opportunity to buy delicious cold meat, delicatessen, aromatic white and yellow cheeses, pastries, and natural fruit juices. Open from Monday 21st of March to Friday 25th of March, from 10.00 to 19.00 in the main hall of Sopot Centrum. See you there!

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Women's Day

Handsome players of Sopot Trefl team give flowers and gifts to ladies during their day. Such attractions only in Sopot Centrum :) Big thanks go to Sopot Trefl for shared joy and celebration! Also, the staff of Itaka, mBank and Sopot Centrum hosts have joined to the campaign. So many happy women in one place. Thank you for having fun together :)

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Valentine's Day in Sopot Centrum

Valentine's Day today! On this occasion, we have prepared a sweet lollipops in the shape of hearts and photo booth, where you can take pictures and send them as a surprise to your beloved person. We are waiting for you all day! Let’s see the photo relation:

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Sopot Centrum now on Facebook

We invite you to like the Sopot Centrum profile on Facebook. On our fan page you will find the information about current promotions, special offers and upcoming events as well as about new opened stores and all details about our facility. We encourage you to comment on the Sopot Centrum and submit your suggestions on our Facebook profile. Invite your friends to like our profile and visit the Sopot Centrum.

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Spkesman in Sopot Centrum

We are pleased to announce that the spokesman representing the Sopot Centrum Investment in communication with the media is:


Krzysztof Król: + 48 728 612 070

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Sopot Centrum inaugurates its official opening

2 years after the groundbreaking ceremony, the new Sopot Centrum is opened. As of today, on 18th of December 2016 at 9.45, visitors can do shopping and take advantage of services in many different stores in this new building. Visitors’ relations:
IMV Poland - facility manager of the Sopot Centrum

IMV Poland company has signed the contract with the project investor Bałtycka Grupa Inwestycyjna S.A. for complex facility management of the Sopot Centrum. It will be the next facility operated by the Austrian company in Tricity. For almost 8 years, IMV Poland successfully manages real estate offices, shopping centres and projects of convenience stores model throughout Poland. IMV Poland was established in 2007 as a subsidiary of IMV Immobilien Management GmbH. It is a private and independent provider of administrative services in the area of real estate market in particular: office, retail and residential.